Best Camping Pillow Reviews 2018: Top 5+ Recommended

Do you love going into the wilderness with your friends, families or colleagues? Or do you just want to hang out with them outdoors?

Go camping! You can go camping at any season of the year to create more fun memories with your friends, families or colleagues. Have some time to relax, forget your own world for a while, talk about life happenings, breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the earth.  Furthermore, try to experience out-of- the-tent activities like hiking, doing a campfire, site seeing, and other explorations. But, these activities are undeniably exhausting that will affect your energy the next day. The presence of a camping pillow is your companion after a long tiring day. There are different kinds of camping pillow that gives a different feeling of comfort and rest.

If you really want to relish your camping experience, choose to buy the best camping pillow available in the market. So many options but only a few will lend you a satisfaction during your rest hours. That’s why I am here to show to you which one can give comfort to your sleepy head and soul.

What is a Camping Pillow?

Camping pillow is a kind of pillow that is used during camps or even as you travel the world. These pillows have similarities on the normal pillows at home. The only difference is that it has an additional feature that fits your camping and travelling experience.

They are usually fluffy and small in size and easy to carry that can be bought anywhere, whether online or on the stores near you.  As you read this article, you will have more ideas about this stuff and will surely convince you to go on camping and to buy your own camping pillow.

The History of Camping Pillow

Pillows started in early Mesopotamia at 7000 BCE. Pillows appear similarly as stone, obviously not appropriate in today's' age. Its purpose is to prevent insects or other small creatures from entering humans’ ears, nose and mouth.

In ancient Egypt, pillows were carved with images for they live a spiritual life during those times. It is made of marble, ivory, ceramic, stone and wood. Still not appropriate in today's' generation.

Then, Chinese civilization came. They believed that a pillow can render health benefits. Pillows were made up of stone, wood, bamboo, bronze, porcelain and jade. They do not pursue making soft pillows for they firmly believe that soft pillow may steal the energy from the body.

Followed by Greeks and Romans where the traditional hard pillow started. They used materials such as cotton, reeds, or straw and even used feathers that makes pillow lighter.

Until, the Industrial Revolution came on the 19th century. Pillow became common than usual.  Pillows were finally touched by the advancement of technology and sold in an affordable way. It became popular for personal use.

Finally, England during the Victorian era enhances these pillows and adds decoration to it and placed into couches and chairs. From then on, it started to develop.

Today, pillows are everywhere and in different designs and usage. One of those is the camping pillow which started in an improvised way as a linen cloth filled with extra clothes. But campers do find this uncomfortable so manufacturers develop a variety of camping pillows with the help of the advancement of the technology.

Types of Camping Pillow

There are three types of camping pillow recommended for you: Inflatable camping pillows, Compressible camping pillows, and the Hybrid camping pillows. In this section, we will determine their pros and cons and other important details that will guide you to choose which is which.

1. Inflatable Camping Pillow

If you are craving for a space-friendly pillow, this type of pillow will be your best! It needs to be inflated with air before use, so you can carry it at your backpack as you travel without hassle.  It weighs lighter than the usual pillows. Also, adjustable on the thickness you want. When not in use, it can be deflated and can easily put in storage.

The disadvantage is it produces an unpleasant sound that will make you uncomfortable.  

2. Compressible Camping Pillow

This type is the exact opposite of inflatable pillows. It is filled with foams, fibers and other materials that cause it to be soft and fluffy.  Can offer you a more relaxing feeling but heavier than the previous one and not suitable for backpacking. Also, it is more expensive. It cannot be deflated once used.

3. Hybrid Camping Pillow

This is just the combination of the two, a part of compressible and a part of an inflatable. But be careful in buying such an expensive stuff.

Advantages of Camping Pillow

During camps, we just have to bring limited things. The struggle is so real in preparing gears, isn’t? Seems like our clothes alone can fill in the whole backpack; but, how about our sleeping materials? 

Campers back then used their backpacks as their pillows while sleeping and it gives them back pains, stiff necks, and also cause them to not being able to sleep properly. It sucks! That’s why camping pillows were developed to let you experience a good night sleep. There are pillows which are packable so you don't have to stress out. It makes you feel comfortable after a day full of activities and gives you an assurance of not suffering from back pains, stiff necks and other aches again. It makes you feel at home even in the midst of the wilderness. 

What are the things to consider when buying camping pillow?

1. Pillow brand

Choose a brand that has a positive review from the buyers. Their opinions are important as your reference for they've experienced the product itself. You can visit the company's website and read for reviews; not just 5-starred reviews but most preferably all. By reading reviews, you will discern if the brand can be trusted or not.

2. Pillow type

There are only three types of it: inflatable, compressible and the hybrid. By knowing its description, you can decide which suits your need. Let me discuss each briefly:

  • Inflatable. it is easily packed after use and very popular when in terms of camping. If you're that type of person who is space conscious, this one is good for you. 
  • Compressible. Comfort is what you’ll get in this type. If you want to enjoy the rest of your day at camp, you should buy this type.
  • Hybrid. A bit expensive than the previous ones but doubles the comfort you wish to feel. 

3. Pillow size

Pillow’s main function is to support your head, neck and even back while you're asleep. Pillow size is a big factor to consider for this reason. The size of your pillow must fit on your head to avoid itchy feeling as you wake up the next morning. Also, for packing purposes it is important to have just a small size of a pillow to avoid over-luggage. As you look for sales on websites, sizes are indicated on the description of the product.

4. Pillow weight

Camping is more of just site seeing but more of walking and travelling, and considering the weight of your pillow is suggested for it may cause you trouble as you go on the campsite. It's hard to walk carrying so much baggage then buying a lightweight pillow can reduce that struggle. If you have a concern to your back health, consider buying a lightweight pillow immediately.

5. Pillow durability

We desire long-term use of products. Consumers have the right to investigate the materials used in producing a pillow because those materials signify how good the quality of the product is. Contemplate also if it’s washable or not, and if washable, how tough it is.

6. Pillow price

Take a look for a price that is affordable yet competitive in terms of the quality of the product. Expensive camping pillows don’t mean a quality camping pillow, so be rational. With this matter, consider if there is a warranty given so that you have the right to return the product when it malfunctions.

Top 5 picks for Best Camping Pillow

Campers have the right to choose the best camping pillow that can give them the desired comfort for their adventures. As its camping pillow demand increases, many manufacturers create their own kind products then puts variations in terms of its feature and its quality. The following might give you a hint of what suits your comfort for these are the most reviewed camping pillows.

Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow, Moss Green by Nemo is a multi-purpose pillow recommended for campers but also for travelers on a long road. Serve as an aid for stiff necks and even back pains. This lessens the worry of every camper and adds more time to enjoy.

Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow has its feature of luxury foam with air insulation that can be adjusted considering users’ height and weight. It also has integrated stuff sack which protects its inners core from dust and dirt; this prevents irritations for users. 

You can bring this pillow anywhere without worrying about how it goes for it can be handled just by the hand. It also inflates quickly. Having an ultra-soft fabric pillowcase will give you a comfy feeling while you are asleep.

What We Like
  • Can be used both in sitting and lying. 
  • Easy to pack
  • Has removable pillowcase and Machine washable
  • Adjustable to the user due to its inflatable feature
  • Long-lasting usage
What We Do Not Like
  • Very small in size
  • The noise it makes while in use
  • Can easily slide against plastics

Sea to Summit offers you Aeros Pillow Premium, the best-selling inflatable pillow great for both outdoor and indoor use. They offer a regular and large in size which is 14x10x5” and 16.5x11.5x5.5”, respectively, but only differ a little in weight. You can choose between blue and green color, whichever you prefer. 

Made up of 50D polyester knit that provides a very soft and durable feature that gives an extra comfort. It also has a multi-functional valve and the bottom is scalloped to add more ease. It can be used as a rectangular or u-shaped pillow that fits the users’ need of comfort on its upper extremities. Can easily be inflated and deflates in less than a minute with the help of multi-functional valve. 

What We Like
  • Deflates fast
  • A lot of good reviews
  • Soft and comfy
  • Handy and easy to pack
What We Do Not Like
  • Only a month of guarantee

Therm-a-Rest gained its popularity in offering different camping accessories as they sell quality products. This includes compressible camping pillows. 

Compressible Travel Pillow by Therm-a-Rest is your sidekick during camps and even travels. It is available in four sizes which are small, medium, large and even extra-large sized 16.5”x27” with four available surprising patterns of colors. These alone can attract you to buy one! 

You'll be surprised seeing a pillow in a small size that suddenly converted into its actual size but you can easily return it to its original state when not in use. The 4-inch thick foam filled inside triggers the pillow to compress and uncompressed. It is also hand-washable and easy to dry.

What We Like
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Super puffy
  • Can give you the best nap
  • Attractive color and pattern available
What We Do Not Like
  • Large size is underfilled.
  • Malfunctioning products

Trekology finally enhances and improves the lapse of camping pillows on the market.

As they introduce to you their restructured version of Ultralight and Inflating Travel/Camping Pillows with an improved ergonomic design that fully supports your head, shoulder and neck and also enhanced the comfort you want to experience by adding extra inter-layer for its durability. It is perfectly suited for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. 

It can easily be carried by a child for it weighs for only 3.2 oz. Made up fabric containing 80% polyester and 20% TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). You can choose from a variety of colors and it has its own storage bag.

What We Like
  • Good customer service 
  • Inflates easily
What We Do Not Like
  • Malfunction of some of their products. 
  • Hard to open the valve during deflation
  • Cannot be easily repaired

Pillow X Inflatable Camp & Travel Pillow by Klymit is the most technically advanced camping pillow ever made. This fits for traveling and even car camping. 

It is amazingly durable for it is made up of hybrid construction with its ultra-light material consists of ultra-soft 30D stretch polyester fabric topped with 75D polyester end for superior puncture, tear, and abrasion resistance. It keeps your head perfectly fit on the pillow that makes you calmer. Weights for only 1.95 ounces and it packs effortlessly. It inflates up to 15"x11"x4".

Its wonderful feature doesn’t end there, for Klymit company furthermore includes a limited lifetime warranty for all interested customers.

What We Like
  • Great enhancement compared to the original X-Pillow.
  • Needs only 2-3 breathes to inflate.
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
What We Do Not Like
  • The company’s customer service 

Tips for using and maintaining your camping pillow

Taking care of your camping pillow is the same as taking care of your home pillow. It just needs a little bit of care help from its manuals, so keep the manuals. 

Before you go to the campsite, let me just stretch out some of the simple tips for using and preserving your camping pillow at its better state, in case you started having your own.

Read instructions. There are times when you encounter malfunctions on the product and by reading again the manual or instructions it would help you to restore it to its good state. By doing so, your camping pillow may last long and will continue to serve as your companion for more exciting camps in the future. As usual, care instructions are indicated on its manual depending if the company of your product mentions it.

Clean it regularly. (See if the pillow you have bought is washable or not before proceeding with this tip.)

  • 1
    Wash the pillows in warm rather than cold water for studies show that warm water prevents the awakening of allergens and other allergy-causing dirt more effectively than cold water. 
  • 2
    Dry your pillow directly to the sun. Sun is an antibacterial agent that keeps your pillow clean and sustains its freshness. It also kills germs due to dust and dirt. 
  • 3
    Place a cover on your pillow. This helps your pillow to restrain stains and make it look more pleasant in the eyes. It also keeps dust mites and other bacteria that penetrate on the pillow itself. Wash the pillow cover once a week to keep it clean, smells good and hygienic. 

Use it with care. Its level of toughness is useless if you do not use it with care. A lasting life of a pillow depends on how the owner uses it. Avoid using your camping pillow in pillow fighting for it is not intended for pillow fighting but for camping and traveling. When not in use, you can stock it in a plastic bag or in its storage bag is provided.

The Final Judgment

After reviewing all the five products, I’ll rate Pillow X Inflatable Camp and Travel Pillow by Klymit as the best pillow for camping. Aside from the reviews said by the users, its technically advanced features caught my attention to buy my own camping pillow. In addition, it came from an original product that Klymit really put effort to enhance it into better one, and it works. There’s only one negative feedback which concerns the company’s customer service and not the product itself, this doesn’t invalidate the product’s quality.

If you really want to enjoy your next camping destination and experience, decide to buy your own camping pillows according to what you desire on the suggestions above. There’s a lot of ways to find camping pillows just be careful and look for the products that were reviewed thoroughly. I strongly suggest that you must invest in a camping pillow for you to be ready when someone suddenly invites you to the campsite. It is all for your good.

To sum it up, stop using the traditional way of making an improvised pillow as you go camping. There are cheap but of quality products that can be seen online and even in stores nearby. Reward yourself a good night sleep by purchasing a good camping pillow. It may cost you now but that’s all right as long as you get complete hours of sleep after a long tiring day. If you have any idea for more camping pillows, feel free to lay in the comment section your suggestions. I would like to entertain questions you want to ask. See you around in the comments.

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